Antibacterial Hand Soaps - Use & Benefits

Until now, we had not taken into account that we are daily exposed to germs and bacteria, and that many diseases and viruses would have been avoided if we had been aware of the risks to which we are exposed.

At this moment we are all using some antibacterial product that helps reduce the risk of contagion or transmitting anything to another person, but today we ask ourselves: if these products tend to be more effective than normal soaps? let's see the details. We will take as an example one of our products, the hand soaps:

 Ultra Defense Sani Smart - Antibacterial Hand Soaps

Antibacterial Hand Soap - Ultra Defense Sani Smart

An antibacterial soap (also known as antimicrobial or antiseptic). It is a hygiene or cleaning product that contains certain active antimicrobial ingredients that you cannot find in normal soaps.

What is an Antimicrobial?

Antibacterial Hand Soaps - Ultra Defense Sani Smart


An antimicrobial is defined as something that aims to kill microorganisms and stop them growing. A good example would be the use that is given to antibiotics and soaps that are antibacterial, both of which fight bacteria. Previously, antibacterial soaps had a chemical called "triclosan", a situation in which the FDA banned it in homes and for any use in health matters, because the chemical seemed to affect bacterial resistance and hormone levels.

The term "Bacteria" sounds like a bad thing, but the truth is that these can be beneficial. Our body needs certain bacteria to maintain health and balance. To make sure your Soap is Antibacterial, the word "antibacterial" should appear on the label. The FDA states that the label on hand soaps or body wash is confirmation that they contain ingredients that are antibacterial.

Benefits of Antibacterial Hand Soaps

  • Antibacterial soap kills bad bacteria, but still shouldn't be overused.
  • Hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol is still an efficient alternative when you don't have access to soap and water.,

Negative Points of Antibacterial Soap

  • Overuse of products containing antibacterials can decrease healthy skin bacteria.
  • Chemicals that are added to soaps that are antibacterial can remove natural oils from the skin, causing it to become dry.
  • Using antibacterial soaps or hand sanitizers on a daily basis can make people think they don't need to wash their hands with soap and water just as often.

Our Available Hand Soaps

Ultra Defense Sani Smart provides you with different products, hand lotions, hand sanitizers, hand soaps, sanitizing spray, and wipes. In our category of hand soaps we have the following available:

Hand Soaps - Ultra Defense Sani Smart

Ultra Defense Sani Smart

Where to Get Our Sanitizing Products

If on any occasion here on our website you do not find stock, the first option (and the most recommended) is to order our products online through the following providers: 

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