Handwashing - Protecting Yourself And Your Family

Handwashing is the first thing to consider when thinking of ways to protect ourselves and others from illness. In these times, washing your hands is the first solution that can prevent the spread of Covid-19, and not only that, but also respiratory diseases and other germs that can cause any type of disease.

Spread of Germs

Ultra Defense Sani Smart - Wash Your Hands


According to the CDC, germs can be spread in the following ways:

  •  Put your hands on any part of your face without having washed them.
  •  Prepare food or drinks with unwashed hands.
  •  Put your hands on any surface and then put them anywhere else without having washed them.
  •  Cough, blow your nose, or sneeze into hands and then touch other people's hands or put them on other surfaces.

Handwashing - Key Moments

We know that before and after doing anything, we must first wash our hands, and it is something we have to try not to forget, since our health and that of the people around us depend on this. This is one of the main ways we help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Handwashing The Right Way

The CDC points out 5 specific points for a correct hand washing, follow these five steps every time.

Handwashing - Ultra Defense Sani Smart

Other Solutions - Hand Sanitizers

Washing Your Hands - Ultra Defense Sani Smart Hand Sanitizers

If it turns out that you are in the office, driving on the street, anywhere other than your home and you cannot wash your hands normally, consider using hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, hand lotions, hand soaps, sanitizing sprays, or sanitizing wipes. Let's avoid contagion, and take care of the health of those around us.

Ultra Defense Sani Smart can help you stay protected, with our wide range of hygiene products we are able to keep germs away, greatly reducing the possibility of a risk of contagion in you, in your family, and in everyone who surrounds you. Staying safe is staying Sani Smart.

Ultra Defense Sani Smart - Handwashing

Where to Get Our Sanitizing Products

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