Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soaps

Stay confident in your cleanliness and give your hand-sanitizing routine the wingman it deserves. Ultra Defense's fragrance-free hand soap is packed to the gills with Vitamin E, leaving your hands silky smooth. You know, for when it's safe to hold hands again.

According to the CDC, the most important item on the agenda is clean hands: Period! What better way to wash your hands than Ultra Defense Fragrance Free hand soap. Infused with vitamin E - Always leaves hands smooth.

It's never been more important to maintain a strict hand-sanitizing regimen. But for heaven's sake, your hands don't have to smell like they've bathed near a backwoods shine. With Ultra Defense Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap, you can keep those pinchers clean without people questioning your coping mechanisms.

Our Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soaps can help keep you and everyone around you protected.

Our Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Products

ultra defense sani + smart
  • Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap - Botanical - 7.5 FL OZ.
  • Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap - Lavender - 7.5 FL OZ.
  • Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap - Aloe - 7.5 FL OZ.
  • Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap- Fragrance Free - 7.5 FL OZ.

You can see them all clicking here.

Which Soap Kills Most Germs?
Antibacterial soap has been shown to be able to remove more germs, as antibacterial soaps contain an average of 34 colonies of bacteria, while hand sanitizer contains an average of 55.

Is There a Difference Between Hand Soap and Antibacterial Soap?
Regular soaps work by removing germs from our hands, while the chemical substances contained in antibacterial soap can kill bacteria and prevent their growth.

Is All Hand Soap Antibacterial?
Common soaps were made with the goal of removing dirt, oils from surfaces, and reducing the surface tension of water, but it does not contain antibacterial substances effective in eliminating germs and bacteria that cause viruses.


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If on any occasion here on our website you do not find stock, the first option (and the most recommended) is to order our products online through the following providers: 

ultra defense sani smart hand sanitizer
Ultra Defense Sani Smart - Meijer
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