Preventions And Care: Sanitizing Hand Lotion

Hand sanitizers are not the only products necessary for the prevention of spreading germs and avoiding Covid-19. If you have followed the hygiene recommendations about washing your hands and using hand sanitizers, you must have dry or cracked skin. At this time you must take into account another priority, moisturize your hands.

"Keeping skin hydrated is important," in the words of Craig Shapiro, a pediatric infectious disease physician at Nemours Hospital in Delaware. If the skin is getting cracked or very dry, soap and alcohol disinfectants do not have such good results and do not fulfill their function 100%. When people see their hands like this, there is little chance that they will comply with hand washing in order to avoid transmitting infections, germs, or Covid-19.

Cracked hands are an opportunity to give way to infection, since this allows bacteria or germs to enter through the skin. The coronavirus enters through the respiratory system, but it can also enter through the skin like other bacteria, and this is why it is so important to keep your hands hydrated.

For these situations, there are products such as Hand Lotions and Sanitizing Hand Lotions. Moisturizing the hands should be part of the hygienic processes of now, since this reduces the microbes on our skin and helps protect us from contracting a virus, reducing the probability of spreading or contracting any disease.

Products to Hydrate Your Hands - Hand Sanitizer Lotion

Hand Sanitizer Lotion - Ultra Defense Sani Smart

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