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When looking for and choosing sanitizing products, Ultra Defense Sani Smart always hopes to be the safest option for you. Our comprehensive range of products help you take care of yourself and everyone around you.

Looking for hand sanitizers for your business or your home? we have available in all sizes for the use and convenience of each situation. We are here to be your solution, because your health should always come first.

Our Sanitizing Products

Ultra Defense Sani+Smart has grown to include a robust line of products including hand sanitizers, both in a gel-based formula, sprays as well as lotions, wipes, and anti-bacterial hand soaps. Our formulas contain Vitamin E, aloe and other moisturizing ingredients that nurture and moisturize hands.

All Ultra Defense Sani+Smart products are produced in OTC audited factories and each and every formula is registered with the FDA, complete with its own NDC code. All product claims are 100% verifiable by 3rd party testing laboratories.

Our product range includes:

- Hand Lotions.
- Hand Sanitizers.
- Hand Soaps.
- Sanitizing Sprays.
- Sanitizing Wipes.

Where to Get Our Sanitizing Products

If on any occasion here on our website you do not find stock, the first option (and the most recommended) is to order our products online through the following providers: 

Ultra Defense Sani Smart Sanitizing Products

Ultra Defense Sani Smart - Meijer
Ultra Defense Sani Smart - Sams Club

The second option to obtain our product line, is through our nation wide retailers:


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