Ultra Defense Sanitizing Surface Spray

When all else fails in the never-ending fight against germs, it may be time to bring in the big guns. Ultra Defense Sanitizing Surface Spray is the 16 oz. bottle of misty oomph you've been missing in your life.

ultra defense sani+smart hand sanitizerClean - Clean and clean again. The perfect surface cleaner to kill germs and bacteria that linger for hours after an infected person passes by. Do not delay spray away and keep it away!

  • This sanitizing spray should be used when soap and water are not available.
  • Travel hand sanitizer in a convenient 3.4 oz spray bottle that easily fits on countertops or desks.
  • Thoroughly moisten your hands with our antibacterial hand sanitizer spray and let it dry without cleaning. Rub lightly until dry. Do not rinse.

Our Sanitizing Sprays:

  • Hand Sanitizing Spray - 3.4 fl oz.
  • Sanitizing Surface Spray - 16 fl oz.
  • Sanitizing Surface Spray - 32 fl oz.

You can see them all by clicking here.

Where to Get Our Sanitizing Products

    Ultra Defense Sani Smart provides you with different products, hand lotions, hand sanitizers, hand soaps, sanitizing spray, and wipes.

    Ultra Defense products can be found online. If on any occasion here on our website you do not find stock, the first option (and the most recommended) is to order our products online through the following providers: 

    ultra defense sani smart
    ultra defense sani smart hand sanitizer
    Ultra Defense Sani Smart - Sams Club


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