Information and Use of Hand Sanitizers

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused changes in everyone's way of life, and has put us in a position where it forces us to adapt and be cautious with other diseases and habits, because when the Covid-19 affects people with conditions or certain habits (smoking, alcohol), the result can be catastrophic.

There are situations in this pandemic that we can avoid by taking precautions, starting with the correct washing of the hands with soap and water, and the help of products that assist in the protection of our well-being, such as hand sanitizers.

Why Should You Use Hand Sanitizers?

Why Hand Sanitizer is Important - Ultra Defense Sani Smart


In the first place, our hands are the parts of the body that are most exposed at any time. We put our hands on the phone, office desks, keyboards, vehicle parts, etc; Germs are everywhere, which is why it is so important to carry products such as hand sanitizers with us at all times.

There is a difference between washing your hands with soap and water and using hand sanitizers. Soap and water help eliminate germs on our hands, however, the hand sanitizer helps eliminate germs from the skin. Hand sanitizers that are made with alcohol can help reduce germs quickly.

Washing your hands properly and having products that assist you while you work or while on the street is a functional way to prevent disease and avoid spreading germs, something that has been a priority during this pandemic.

Hand Sanitizer Tips

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following tips for children and adults using hand sanitizer:

  • Apply enough hand sanitizer to cover all surfaces of the hands.
  • Rub sanitizer on hands covering the tops, between fingers and fingertips.
  • Keep rubbing until hands are dry or for about 20 seconds.

Hand Sanitizers Available

Ultra Defense Sani Smart provides you with different products, hand lotions, hand sanitizers, hand soaps, sanitizing spray, and wipes. In our category of hand sanitizers we have the following available:

  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 1 fl oz - 12 PACK.
  • Instant Hand Sanitizer 50CT - 2ML.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 1.69 fl oz - 12 PACK.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 2 fl oz - 12 PACK.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 3 fl oz - 12 PACK.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 8 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 12 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 16 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 30 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 34 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 128 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 8 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Fragrance Series 3 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer Original - 6pk Family Set.
  • Hand Sanitizer - Aloe Vera - 6pk Family Set.
  • Hand Sanitizer 15pc Cookie Jar Carabiner - 1 fl oz.
  • Hand Sanitizer 15pc Cookie Jar Adore Series - 1 fl oz.

    Ultra Defense Sani Smart

    What hand sanitizers are safe to use?

    For a hand sanitizer to be a safe product for our health, it must be alcohol-based and at least 60% of the content must be Ethanol (or Ethyl Alcohol). The FDA says that Methanol is not an acceptable ingredient for these types of products, as it can be toxic.

    Do we need to wash hands after using sanitizer?

    After using hand sanitizer, you should wash your hands, and before handling food. This is to remove fragrances and chemicals contained in hand sanitizers.

     Is hand sanitizer bad for you?

    There have been no cases in which hand sanitizer causes unhealthy symptoms, but overuse can cause the alcohol in the product to irritate or dry out the skin.

    Where to Get Our Sanitizing Products

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